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What is Got2VoIP?

Got2Voip is a phone and hosted PBX service. It provides all the same options and benefits as your current traditional telephone service with one key difference: Got2VoIP routes your calls directly to your phone using your existing high-speed internet connection. The only difference you’ll notice is that your bills will cost you a mere fraction of what they did with your old phone service provider.

How Got2VoIP Works

Got2VoIP uses Voice over Internet Protocol, a technology that lets you use the internet as a transmission medium for phone calls. Voice data is sent in packets through the World Wide Web instead of by typical POTS lines (Plain Old Telephone Service). Got2VoIP is significantly less expensive than conventional long distance packages, and one high-speed internet connection can serve for multiple phone lines without suffering in functionality, reliability or voice quality.

Why Got2VoIP?

Got2VoIP is a service provided by Got2Web, LLC, your trusted local provider of quality internet services. Sign up for a Got2VoIP service and you’ll get a lot more, and pay a lot less, than regular phone service. Unlimited calling to the continental United States and Canada are included, and international calls are made at a greatly reduced rate from common phone services. Got2VoIP offers all the traditional calling features and so much more.

Got2VoIP service is based on an open architecture, which means your office phones will plug right into your existing Ethernet network. If someone needs to move to the office down the hall, you do not have to re-program their extension, you can just unplug the IP phone from the old office and plug it into the Ethernet jack in the new one, just like with a computer. Regular analog phones will also work with our VoIP service by using an analog gateway device, allowing you the flexibility to plan for your eventual migration to an entirely IP network.