-Web Portal-

Web Portal Features

Call History

Call History gives you a real-time list of all incoming, missed or outgoing calls for all employees on your network. The list also offers the ability to make and return a VoIP call with one click of the mouse, make call notes, read faxes, and listen to voicemails and call recordings.

Call Notes

Make notations of any VoIP calls for future reference.

Click-to-Call In

Allows you to create a link on your website that provides viewers with the option of calling you directly with one click.

Contact Management

Online directory to manage contacts and addresses or initiate a call with one click. Account manager can use this directory to monitor and manage individual user settings and information.


Got2VoIP’s service creates history reports of all individual and departmental usage. These can be redistributed to employees. Speed Dial and Company Directory Phone Integration Allows you to access your company directory and quick dial directly from the phone.

User Dashboard

Our web-based dashboard provides all the information you need; missed phone, voicemail, fax messages, active call display, and access to the company directory and personal contacts for click-to-call. Available on any PC or laptop with Internet capabilities.

Voicemail and Fax Notifications

Be notified of new voice messages through email or SMS.

Website Widgets

Website Widgets are elements that can be embedded into your website to give added functionality to users. They are designed to direct traffic flow from your website directly to one of your VoIP extensions or departments.