Faxing Features

Fax Machine Support

Send and receive faxes through your physical fax machine with an Automated Telephone Adapter.

Fax-to-Email Integration

Forwards your faxes to multiple email accounts with your PBX network.

Large Online Fax Storage

Got2VoIP’s virtual PBX system allows you to store and review thousands of faxes online, with the option to download any of them to your desktop.

Receive Fax

Set up multiple fax numbers and use Got2VoIP’s PBX system to route faxes to individual users or departments.

Send Virtual Faxes

Send faxes with lightning speed through Got2VoIP’s virtual PBX online interface.

Web Access to Faxes

Got2VoIP’s PBX network allows you the freedom to retrieve your faxes from any internet-connected device.