Calling Features

Auto Attendants

Automatically answers incoming calls.

Unlimited Calling Plans

Unlimited anytime calls within the Continental US and Canada

Ring Groups

Link a group of extensions to share incoming calls.

Active Call Room

A web-based tool that allows employees to utilize a number of phone functions including flip, hold, transfer, and call recording.

Announce Caller

As a call is received in an extension, an announcement identifies who is calling and for which department the call is meant. This can avoid confusion especially when the person taking the call belongs to more than one department.

Anywhere Menu

While on a call, you can use all call management features such as call recording, transfer, and send to voicemail. This works just as well on a mobile device as it does on your desk phone.

Audio Conferencing

Dedicate an extension or phone number as a conference bridge for multiple people at once.

Basic Phone Functions

Includes all basic traditional telephone functions: caller ID, call forwarding, call hold, call transfer, call waiting, 7-digit dialing for local numbers, 3-way calling, redial, do not disturb and speed dial.

Call Answering Rules

Allows you to configure your system easily with your calling preferences. Create rules for individual extensions and/or for your company main number.

Simultaneous Ring

Allows you to have incoming calls ring on multiple extensions simultaneously.

Call Flip/Toggling

Instantly switch a call from your desk phone to your mobile or vice versa.

Call History

Maintains a list of all ingoing and outgoing calls, voicemails, faxes, and call recordings. You can check call length and time of call, as well as sort, search, and return calls.

Call Privacy

You can choose to expose or block your outbound Caller ID.

Call Recording

Any department member can record calls to that department.

Call Screening

Announces the incoming caller so that you can choose to accept the call, send it to voicemail, or transfer to another extension or phone number.

Call Transfer

Transfer to company extensions or outside numbers.

Custom Audios

Users, departments and extensions can customize options to suit specific needs. These include extension name prompts, voicemail greetings, transfer audio messages, hold music and more.

Enhanced 911 Service

This function speed-dials your local emergency operator for assistance.

Extension Dialing

Users can call coworkers within their company regardless of their location.

Personal Locator

Forward calls to one or more phone numbers to make sure that you never miss one. You can assign them to ring simultaneously or in a user-defined sequence.

Remote Office

Hosted VoIP lets you work remotely and still place calls as though you were in the office. By using your IP deskphone or softphone, you can dodge hefty long distance fees and surcharges.

Sequential Ring

Lets you have multiple phone numbers ring in a defined sequence when receiving incoming calls.

Shared Call Appearance

Incoming calls can be set to ring two lines simultaneously.


Allows you to use a software based phone function on your laptop or desktop computer instead of a traditional phone.

Text to Speech Recording

Choose from a selection of pre-programmed voices to create text-to-text custom recordings.

Warm Transfer

Alows you to put a caller on hold, call a third party, hang up and resume your previous conversation all at once.