-Auto Attendant-

Auto Attendant Features

Attendant Menus

Got2VoIP’s hosted VoIP service offers an auto attendant with the ability to make infinite menus, or “Call Trees”, that allow you to greet callers and give them the options to choose to reach their desired extension. Menus are completely customizable, and many companies choose to offer different options for different given times of the day.

Attendant Schedule

Customize an auto attendant schedule to cater to unique hours of operation for your business and assign menu options to play during the time and day periods that you specify.

Auto Attendant

With Got2VoIP’s Hosted VoIP, greet incoming callers and direct them to the appropriate extension, all without the need for a live attendant, or the sacrifice of friendly and efficient service.

Dial by Extension

Allows callers to reach employees by choosing their extension at any point during the auto attendant greeting.

Dial by Name

Allows callers to reach a particular employee directly by dialing the letters of that employee’s first or last name.

Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule allows group administrators to create and assign business holidays with customized holiday greetings.

Pre- and Post- Menu Transfer

This feature enables you to instantly transfer calls to an extension or department before the auto attendant greeting plays.

Update Greeting Remotely

A group administrator is able to update company greetings or menu items from a remote location when necessary. If for some reason you cannot get to work, simply record a greeting from wherever you are.