Evaluate Your Needs

Let Us Help You

Make the right decision regarding your choice in a package. A small business will have very different needs from a larger, enterprise class organization, and a very small scale residential plan will be even more streamlined.

Carefully consider the following questions before you decide which plan is right for you:


What Calling Tendencies Do You Have?

It is important to know the bandwidth that you will need and the scale of capacity necessary to accommodate your tendencies over a given time period. Did you or your business make a lot of international or long distance calls? How many hours were accumulated on the phone? Consider consulting your most recent phone bill before reaching a decision.

Which Features Are Most Important For You?

It is important to know what functions you will need performed specifically for your work team. Is auto attendant necessary? Do you need a call-waiting queue? Take careful note of all your team’s needs before choosing a package, as buying additional assets individually can wind up being much more expensive.

Is Your Network VoIP Capable?

Determine whether your current framework is ready for VoIP. If your business is an intensive internet user and consistently sends lots of hefty files, consider investing in a separate network just for VoIP. This minor startup will lend better quality of service in the end and is well worth it.

Got2VoIP Voice over I.P.

Do You Have a High Speed Internet Connection?

You may need to increase the size of your existing internet connection in order to handle the additional voice traffic that switching to VoIP will bring.

What is Your Budget?

Work out a payment plan that you would like before you commit to VoIP. There are many different ways to employ VoIP within a home or business; make sure you choose the one that’s most cost effective for you. Would you like to pay for everything up front? Alternatively, would you rather pay one monthly charge? Perhaps some split between the two?